Löwengrip Care & Color

LCC – Löwengrip Care & Color

Isabella Löwengrip, most googled woman in Sweden and creator of the successful beauty brand Löwengrip Care & Color, has chosen Scandinavia hair to exclusively launch the brand in Switzerland.  Scandinavia hair is proud to be the first official retailer of Löwengrip Care & Color outside of Scandinavia.


Looking for a beauty brand that truly delivers what it promises? Löwengrip Care & Color creates products you can depend on, because they are effective and produce long-lasting results. We believe feeling secure and in balance will reduce your stress levels and give you the freedom to pursue your goals.


“Löwengrip Care & Color (LCC) uses unique formulas that balance sensitive skin and hair, and are adapted to Nordic conditions. I myself suffer from asthma and a number of allergies, so there are many products that I cannot tolerate. These products are Swedish-made, reliable, deliver what they promise, and come in luxurious but practical packaging. They are ideal for woman-on-the-go, of any age, who want effective products that are travel-friendly.” – Isabella Löwengrip, Chief Creative Officer, LCC.



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